Started my career as a network specialist building LANs, WANs and data centres using Cisco solutions primarily. I moved to management in 2005 with focus to build a strong capable leadership profile to help create value to business organizations. I enjoyed building IT functions from ground to maturity levels.

I moved to IT service delivery role that was a key milestone in my career due to the size and nature of role responsibilities and the international coverage I was assigned to handle. I was able to deliver strategic benefits across regions and business functions.

Another shift in career came in 2011 when relocated to New Zealand and taking few IT leadership roles in a country that is under an exponential economic growth. I was lucky to be part of this growth in government and public sectors creating successful results after delivering my projects and my key assignments.

Throughout my career, I took plenty of freelance projects that reinforced my capabilities and gave me more effective tools to be able to manage and deliver IT projects and operations effectively.

My personal development has never stopped since my first degree of engineering bachelor. I as I was able to acquire more knowledge and qualifications such as project management post graduate diploma, MBA and a variety of professional certification with ITIL V3.0 expert certification is on top.